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Renata Carneiro da Cunha



“Amidst the chaos we live in, with the crisis of values the country faces, is where Renata lives, works, and preserves herself. Renata doesn’t cling to groups, movements, or trends. She shields herself from the invading truculence that vulgarizes our privacy. Beauty and perfection are goals inherent to her personality. But Renata is not an elitist. She is simple, courageous and incorruptible. As an artist doubts and unease are inevitable, as they are in life. Abstract in her work, Renata is probably not comfortable with the binomial form-content. For Renta, form is content. Philosophy aside, let us concentrate on the work. Renata’s sculpture is beautiful and complex. It is nearly immaterial and mystical. A probable reason for these characteristics originates from Renata’s constant search for beauty and perfection. This search results in her work. It must not have been easy, but Renata has accomplished it. In her abstractionism, Renata avoids clichés and stereotypes. Her sculptures appear to levitate, and never touch the material ground. They do not begin or end, nor do they indicate a path.  From any angle they reveal a form, for the sake of form itself.  The emphasis on detail and the unsurpassable finishing fuse into the work. They become the form of content, where they fade into perfection. The beautiful, infinite, essential curves soften as they become unreachable to the touch. Here too, they do not explain. They suffice in the art that shelters them. The mysterious and dense empty spaces seem to suggest insoluble paths that reason hasn’t grasped. Paths of emotion. And it is emotion we are hit with remaining with Renata. A sculptor that instigates and galvanizes: with beauty, perfection, technique, and meaning. Like the shepherd and his flute in the distant prairie calling his flock. Why? A skeptic mistakenly would say this story has nothing to do with Renata.  It has all to do with her.”

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